Advanced Care
Orthopedic Surgery

Dr. Dennis Aron Offers Specialty Surgery Services for Pets

Dr. Dennis Aron, board-certified veterinary surgeon

VCA Acacia Animal Hospital offers comprehensive surgical services for your dog and cat and other exotic animal companions. Our veterinarians have teamed up with Dr. Dennis Aron, DVM, DACVS, Chief of Surgery at VCA Acacia, and his wife and partner Rainy Aron, RVT, LATg, VTS (ECC) to offer the highest quality in specialized and sophisticated veterinary surgeries.

For over 30 years, Dr Aron taught veterinary surgery and specialized in orthopedics and soft tissue surgery at both the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine and the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine. This very strong academic background has trained Dr Aron to be highly skilled in the repair of a variety of surgical problems including Fractures, Torn Cranial/Anterior Cruciate Ligaments and even Back Surgeries. Having the knowledge, understanding and skills necessary to achieve optimal results, is the most effective way of returning pets to their high athletic abilities, as well as, controlling long-term pain and discomfort.

Post-Surgical Physical Rehabilitation

Dr. Aron and Rainy offer a very unique post-surgical care program that includes "coached" physical rehabilitation for pets. Coaching involves creating and implementing a personalized post-surgical plan tailored specifically for each patient. This plan includes teaching and developing hands-on rehabilitation techniques that can be taught to a pet owner, who then applies this new skill at home under their guidance and support.

The key to the Coaching Program is communication. Coaching involves frequent dialogue between Dr. Aron, Rainy and pet owner. Questions are encouraged, and feedback is provided as The Team carefully monitors the patient's progress through the various stages of recovery. There is ongoing client education and training, and monitoring patient progress to best insure an optimal recovery.

Our Promise

The team of veterinary professionals at VCA Acacia unites with Fido????????s Surgeon to offer you this unique approach to specialty surgery and aftercare. Together, we promise to:

  • Help reduce the risk of surgery
  • Maximize the comfort and recovery process
  • Allow the pet owner to participate in the rehabilitation process
  • Maintain frequent and open communication with you, the pet owner, throughout all the stages of recovery

If your pet requires specialty surgery, call VCA Acacia Animal Hospital. We offer excellent programs designed to improve quality of life, healing, and well-being for our patients.