Advanced Care

Some breeds are prone to certain eye conditions, and early detection and treatment can sometimes help maintain appropriate visions and avoid painful conditions. Our clinic provides a number of specialized animal ophthalmology services, diagnostics, and surgeries. 

During your pet's eye exam our doctors may use some of the following diagnostic tools:

Fluorescein Eye Staining - This allows us to see if there are any lesions on the surface of the eye.
Indirect and Direct Retinal Examination - This allows for detailed examination of the back of the eye.
Rebound Tonometer - This is an invaluable tool to aid with diagnosing conditions such as glaucoma.
Schirmer Tear Test - This allows us to diagnose inadequate tear production.
Slit Lamp Examination (Biomicroscopy) - This allows for detailed examination of the structures in the eye.

Depending upon your pet's diagnosis, ACAH has the capability to perform the following ophthalmology surgical procedures:

Conjunctival scrapes and biopsies
Eyelid mass removal
Eyelid wedge resections
Medial Canthoplasty for macropalpebral fissure syndrome
Nasolacrimal duct flushing
Non-healing indolent "boxer" ulcer repair