ZooMED Animal Care

Dr. Renee Welch has years of experience treating avian and non-avian ZooMED pets, such as the following:

Birds (All species, except for ratites)

Anderson's Corner is proud to offer a variety of services for your ZooMED pets you may not find at other hospitals, including:

Avian, Small Mammal, & Reptile Boarding
Digital Radiography
In-house laboratory
Nutritional, Behavioral, & Husbandry Counseling
Soft tissue & Orthopedic Surgery
Video Endoscopy
Wellness and problem based appointments
Here is a list of situations to always consider to be a potential emergency with your pets:
Bleeding/Trauma/Open Wounds
Decreased Appetite
Decreased Stool Production / Diarrhea
Fluffed / Sitting at the bottom of the cage
Frantic Movements / Seizures / Tremors
Increased Respiratory Rate
Noticeable Lethargy / Depression
Open Mouth Breathing / Nasal Discharge
Straining for Urination of Defecation
Toxin Exposure of any kind