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Veterinary Cardiologists Help Solve Canine and Feline Heart Problems Like humans, dogs and cats can suffer from a variety of problems... More


VCA Animal Diagnostic Clinic Dallas Pet Loss Support As pet owners ourselves, the staff at VCA Animal Diagnostic Clinic understands that... More

Diagnostic Imaging

Sometimes we are unable to determine from a physical examination what may be troubling your pet. This can be frustrating to you and... More

Emergency Critical Care

While your general practice veterinarian can diagnose and treat many health problems and handle many routine emergencies, certain situations... More

Internal Medicine

What Is A Veterinary Internal Medicine Specialist? A board certified veterinary internal medicine specialist is a licensed... More


What Is A Veterinary Oncologist? A board certified veterinary oncologist is a veterinary internal medicine specialist who has also... More

VCA Animal Diagnostic Clinic Dallas Oncologists
VCA Animal Diagnostic Clinic TruBeam

Radiation Oncology

What is a Veterinary Radiation Oncologist? A board certified specialist in radiation oncology is a licensed veterinarian who has obtained... More

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