Our Departments


VETERINARY ANESTHESIA SERVICES Our hospital offers a variety of animal anesthesia services for your pet. The term 'anesthesia'... More


Veterinary Cardiologists Help Solve Canine and Feline Heart Problems Just as humans can be afflicted with heart and lung problems, so... More

Clinical Pathology

VETERINARY CLINICAL PATHOLOGY DEPARTMENT (LABORATORY DEPARTMENT) Our veterinary pathology specialists have access to extensive... More


Animal Specialty Center Pet Loss Support As pet owners ourselves, we at Animal Specialty Center understand that facing a pet's serious... More


What is a veterinarian whose practice is limited to dentistry and oral surgery? A veterinarian whose practice is limited to... More

Diagnostic Imaging

At Animal Specialty Center, we utilize state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment in the care and treatment of pets. Magnetic Resonance Imaging... More

Emergency/Critical Care

At Animal Specialty Center, we're available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with a full staff of top veterinarians, technicians and... More

Internal Medicine

What is a Veterinary Internal Medicine Specialist? Like people, animals can develop a variety of illnesses requiring the skilled... More


At Animal Specialty Center, our Neurology Service uses a clinical approach coupled with evidence-based medicine to address neurological... More


When your pet has been diagnosed with cancer, at Animal Specialty Center we understand how confusing and stressful it is for pet owners.... More

Radiation Oncology

At Animal Specialty Center we understand how very stressful it is when your pet has been diagnosed with cancer, and you are suddenly... More


At Animal Specialty Center our board certified veterinary surgeons have received years of intensive, advanced and specialized training in... More

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