Radiation Oncology

At Animal Specialty Center we understand how very stressful it is when your pet has been diagnosed with cancer, and you are suddenly confronted with decisions you will need to make with respect to your pet's health care. When considering all of the courses of action you can take for your pet, one important option is radiation therapy, depending upon the type of cancer. As in treatment for human cancers, radiation therapy has been found to be one of the most effective tools used to combat the disease. At Animal Specialty Center, we utilize the TrueBeam radiation unit.

Working as a team:

Animal Specialty Center's mission is to keep people and their pets together longer so they may share healthier, happier lives. Working in tandem with primary care veterinarians and other specialists here at Animal Specialty Center, the radiation oncology team ensures the best care possible for your pet. Our radiation oncology service is excited about being part of the extended Animal Specialty Center family that includes clients, patients, referring veterinarians, and all those who care about animals as much as we do. For further information, please telephone us at 914-457-4000.

Our Radiation Oncology Team

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