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Total hip replacement surgery

VCA Animal Specialty Center's Surgery Department performs Total Hip Replacement (THR) as a treatment for coxofemoral joint disease as a means of restoring normal joint function and to eliminate pain.

THR is a highly successful procedure that is used in patients ranging from 5 months to 16 years of age. The procedure can be performed in animals ranging from 5 to 180lbs and and has been performed in 99 breeds to date. THR materials are available in 16 sizes to insure a custom fit for each dog or cat.

The most common indication for THR is hip dysplasia with secondary arthritis. However, other indications include hip luxation, capital physeal fractures, femoral neck fractures, mal-union of acetabular fractures, femoral fractures with secondary arthritis, pain following previously performed femoral head and neck ostectomy, and rarely neoplasia.

Dogs that receive THR can lead a normal life. The few exceptions include avoiding very strenuous exercise such as catching Frisbees, fly ball competition, racing, exhausting hunts in rugged terrain, and pulling heavy loads.

Total hip replacement surgery

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