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Our Departments


Call us at 510-564-7155 Veterinary Cardiologists Help Solve Canine and Feline Heart Problems Like humans, dogs and cats can suffer from a... More

Diagnostic Imaging


Emergency/Critical Care

COMPASSIONATE EXPERTISE - EMERGENCY & URGENT CARE 24/7 Doctors are on site and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to provide... More

Internal Medicine

What Is A Veterinary Internal Medicine Specialist? A board certified veterinary internal medicine specialist is a licensed... More

Interventional Radiology

What Is A Veterinary Radiologist? A board certified specialist in veterinary radiology is a licensed veterinarian who has obtained... More

Oncology Department

Call us at 510-343-5175 What Is A Veterinary Oncologist? A board certified veterinary oncologist is a veterinary internal medicine... More

Radiation Oncology

Call us at 510-394-0369 On this webpage you will find general information regarding radiotherapy, common cancers that may benefit from it... More

Surgery Department

Call us at 510-756-1181 The goal of our surgeons, registered veterinary technicians and our highly skilled support staff is to provide... More

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