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In an Emergency

Emergency Care

We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to address any pet emergency. Call us immediately at (210) 732-5148.

Emergencies are prioritized based on the severity of your pet’s condition. Patients will be seen by a veterinarian in order of priority. There may be delays for priority II and III patients. We know you are worried about your pet. We understand because we are pet owners too. Thank you for understanding our priority process. 

To understand your priority level, click here.

Priority #1 – Life saving measure to be applied immediately:

Poisoning Bloat (GDV)  Snake Bite Envenomation 
 Allergic Reactions  Actively Seizuring  Choking
 Collapse  Major Trauma (vehicular, animal attack)  Excessive Bleeding
 Heat Stroke  Penetrating Bite Wounds Around  Difficulty Breathing
 Hypothermia  Neck or Chest  Unable to Urinate


Priority #2 – Wait times may apply: 

Frequent Vomiting  Closed Fractures Can Urinate But With Straining 
 Bloody Diarrhea  Blood in Urine  
 Paralysis  Birthing Difficulties  

Priority #3 – Not life threatening (wait times may be prolonged):

Abscess Sneezing/Nasal Discharge  Skin Conditions 
 Foxtail  Stable Chronic Disease  Sore Ears/Eyes
 Minor Wood/Lacerations  Limping  

Please advise our front desk team if your pet’s condition changes.

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