Frequently Asked Questions
What are our hours?
Our emergency services are offered 24 hours, 7 days a week. Our specialty services are available by appointment and with a referral from your primary care veterinarian.
What are our payment options?
Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover, Cash, Check, and CareCredit are all accepted methods of payment. For cash payments we do not accept bills larger than $20.
Do we offer routine services?
We do not offer routine services such as vaccines, spay/neuter, wellness checks, etc. Our highly trained specialists and experienced emergency doctors work closely with your primary care veterinarian to provide the next step of needed specialized or advanced veterinary care. We do offer 24 hours, seven days a week emergency and critical care services.
Do I need a referral?
For non-emergency care, a referral from your primary care veterinarian is needed. For Emergency/Critical Care services we are available without a referral 24 hours/7 days a week including holidays.
What happens during a specialist consultation?
Before a consultation, our board-certified specialist will review all records regarding your pet sent over by your primary care veterinarian. During the consultation, your pet will have a complete physical exam and our specialist will communicate their findings with you and create a treatment plan. Throughout the treatment process we will work closely with your primary care veterinarian to provide the very best in continued care for your pet.
Does California Veterinary Specialists have access to my pet's medical records from my primary care veterinarian?
Your primary care veterinarian needs to fax or email your pet’s records to our office.
What is a Veterinary Specialist?
A board-certified specialist’s expertise complements the care provided by your primary care veterinarian. In addition to completing a veterinary degree (Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine, DVM), a board-certified veterinary specialist must complete an internship, a two to four-year specialized residency, and publish a paper in a peer-reviewed journal. Specialists must also undergo a series of exams based on knowledge and skill in the given specialty.
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