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Exotic Animal Medicine

We are proud to serve as a New Hampshire ER for exotic pets.  

The medical care and treatment of avian and exotic pets is a discipline that requires a broad and extensive depth of knowledge as symptoms and conditions vary dramatically across every species. Our staff has extensive training and experience in the emergency management of birds, reptiles, small mammals, and many other uncommon species. We have a referral relationship with the Exotic and Bird Clinic of New England where Doctors Dutton and Peel routinely examine, diagnose, and treat exotic pets. 

Dr. Dutton a board certified Specialist in the three exotic pet specialties – Avian Practice, Exotic Companion Mammal Practice (which includes rabbits, ferrets, rodents, chinchillas, guinea pigs, and the like), and Reptile & Amphibian Practice. Dr. Dutton is the only veterinarian in the world to have obtained all three exotic pet specialty certifications. Dr. Dutton is available to us for immediate teleconsultation 24/7/365. 

Dr. Peel is an experienced exotic pet veterinarian who is currently completing her Exotic Companion Mammal Specialist residency under the mentorship of Dr. Dutton. 

Our facility is well-equipped for emergency management of all of your unique and special pets. This includes: 

* Critical care and emergency stabilization of your exotic pet. 
* Hospitalization including incubator and nebulization therapy. 
* Digital radiology. 
* Ultrasonography. 
* Teleconsultation with exotic pet specialist and their staff


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