Michael Dutton, Veterinary Specialist


Dr. Dutton grew up in Maine and moved to New Hampshire after graduation. Early in his veterinary career he worked as a veterinarian for Bensons Animal Park in Hudson, NH. In 1992 he started the Weare Animal Hospital. Currently, he owns the Weare Animal Hospital, the Hopkinton Animal Hospital, and the Exotic and Bird Clinic of New England. All these hospitals are accredited by AAHA.

Dr. Dutton spearheaded the creation of the Capital Area Veterinary Emergency Service (CAVES) in 2000. As CAVES grew, he completed the training and logistics to perform the radioactive iodine treatment (i-131) for cats and guinea pigs with hyperthyroidism. He currently performs that therapy at VCA-CAVES. Details are at www.i131nh.com. Dr. Dutton has always been an advocate of continual learning and improving his veterinary skills. To that end he has successfully completed four AVMA approved Specialist Board certifications. He is the only veterinarian in the world to be quadrupled AVMA boarded. Additionally, he earned a Master's Degree in Pain Management from the College of Human and Veterinary Medicine, University of Edinburgh and a Post Graduate Certificate in Veterinary Education (so he can better teach and mentor younger veterinarians) from the Royal Veterinary College in London. He has lectured to veterinarians and staff locally and nationally and teaches exotic pet classes at the Great Bay Community College. He volunteers his time as Exam Chairperson for the ABVP. 

His outside activities include hiking and reading. He is married to his wife of 30+ years and has two children. His home also has three dogs and one cat

Michael A. Dutton

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