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Sarah Hickey, Staff Veterinarian


My passion for animals started with riding horses when I was 7. As with most veterinarians, I knew at a very young age that my purpose in life was to help animals.

Years later I had the opportunity to study abroad in Central America. The areas in which I stayed were developing and riddled with economic hardship leaving it overpopulated, underdeveloped and riddled with trash, skinny livestock and stray street dogs and cats. Though my experiences in Central America left a deep impression on me I told myself it’s heartbreaking but there’s nothing I can do.

While attending Iowa State College of Veterinary Medicine I remembered my experiences in Central America and became an ambassador for a non-profit organization and was later able to travel back to developing countries in Central and South America providing veterinary care and relief. My experiences in other countries have been heartbreaking yet overwhelmingly rewarding. Whether I’m in the Amazon Rainforest practicing exotic animal medicine or back home in the States performing acupuncture on a family pet, I truly appreciate the human animal bond and work diligently to strengthen and protect it.

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