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Our Eye Clinic for Animals Services

Our staff is available to offer you and your pet the most professional and compassionate care. With on site surgery and testing facilities, state-of the art science meets caring and excellent medical application. It is our mission to offer you confidence and assurance throughout your pet’s time with us.

Your pet’s opthalmic and overall systemic health will benefit from a coordinated, team approach involving you, your regular veterinarian and our specialty referral practice. Your regular veterinarian is critical, and the fact that he / she referred your animal’s difficult ophthalmic case shows his / her concern.

When your animal undergoes care at our office, we will provide a written report to your regular veterinarian detailing the condition diagnosed and the treatment administered, although we may remain involved in your pets eye care your routine veterinarian will then continue to monitor and administer to your pet’s primary health care, hopefully for many years to come. If we continue to see your pet for ophthalmic conditions, we will keep your veterinarian informed about the condition.

Our Services

Our specialty is the diagnosis and treatment of the eye and nearby structures in all animal species. Our expertise includes a broad range of treatments for a broad range of conditions, across many types of animals. Among the more common treatments we provide are:

Various procedures for ocular injuries or emergencies.
Cryosurgery for abnormal eyelashes.
Laser surgery to prevent retinal detachments for various other ocular conditions
Laser surgery for glaucoma
Eyelid surgery for cosmetic and/or conformational problems
Corneal and conjunctival surgery for ulcers, injuries, or other conditions.
Cataract surgery with artificial lens placement
Intraocular lens implantation
Laser treatment of glaucoma and other conditions.

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