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Alternative Medicine

Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM)

Acupuncture can be used both as a preventative or treatment measure for such disease processes as arthritis, anxiety, skin and ear issues, gastrointestinal disease and more. Acupuncture is a form of traditional Chinese medicine which is used to stimulate pathways in the body to help the body repair and continue to function in an efficient and balanced way. Chinese medicine suggests that Qi (chi) flows through meridians which are related to points on the body as well as internal organ systems. These can be stimulated and altered in such a way to help open the body's pathways and establish balance between internal systems. Not only does acupuncture allow for better flow and function of organs and internal energies, but by supporting the body through diet modification, herbal supplement and food therapy, we can bring extra care to the organ systems that may be out of balance. Here in Alaska there are a lot of environmental factors that can throw your dog's system out of balance. Our goal is to help identify these imbalances and treat them accordingly which includes contemporary western medicine as well as traditional Chinese veterinary medicine such as acupuncture. Communication between the animal, owner, and veterinarian is an important part of this discipline. Schedule your consult with Dr. Alexander Waroff today!

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