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Veterinary Assistant
Alisha, originally from the Florida Panhandle, moved to Denver in June 2016 in pursuit of a neuroscience degree from the University of Colorado in Boulder. After studying animal biology at the University of Florida, she began her journey into the veterinary world as a technician in Gulf Breeze. There, she had opportunities to work with animals of all sizes- from companion pets to the creatures of the local zoos and wildlife sanctuaries. Most memorably, she recalls her experiences with bears, zebra, and dolphins. In 2012, Alisha transitioned into veterinary management. Despite the amazing opportunities that came with the administrative side of veterinary medicine, she’s psyched to again be working one-on-one with the Colorado creatures. Alisha has a rotten (and extraordinarily handsome) feline named Inigo Montoya. However, unless you’re the Six-Fingered Man, you can just call him Monty. In her spare time, she enjoys frolicking in nature and basking in the Colorado culture. She hopes that one day, she can transfer all of her training in the Rockies to a thru-hike on the Appalachian Trail.