Our Departments


VETERINARY ANESTHESIA SERVICES Our hospital offers a variety of animal anesthesia services for your pet. The term 'anesthesia'... More

Diagnostic Imaging


Emergency/Critical Care

What Is An Emergency and Critical Care Specialist? A board certified specialist in emergency and critical care is a veterinarian who... More

Internal Medicine

Diagnostics Arthrocentesis Bone marrow (aspiration and biopsy) Cerobrospinal fluid aspiration CT... More


Call us at 216-342-6000 Our oncology department specializes in the diagnosis of cancer, staging of tumors, the development of treatment... More


Call us at 216-245-1341 What Is A Veterinary Ophthalmologist? A veterinary ophthalmologist is a doctor who specializes in diseases that... More


Call us at 216-342-2480 VCA Great Lakes is proud to offer a full range of surgical services. Surgery can usually be scheduled within 1 to 2... More

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