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Call us at 954-919-2946 Veterinary Cardiologists Help Solve Canine and Feline Heart Problems Like humans, dogs and cats can suffer from a... More


Call us at 954-998-1981 Does your pet lick its paws? Is your pet scratching? Does your dog have red scaly skin? Is your cat losing... More

Diagnostic Imaging

At VCA Hollywood Animal Hospital, we utilize advanced diagnostic tools, including state-of-the-art imaging, to more quickly and accurately... More

Emergency Critical Care

Emergencies and accidents seem to happen at the worst possible times, and when you least expect them. Do you have a plan if your pet needs... More

Internal Medicine

We have all hear stories of successful medical care of a friend or family member that was injured or managing a long term medical event.... More

Oncology Department

What Is A Veterinary Oncologist? A board certified veterinary oncologist is a veterinary internal medicine specialist who has also obtained... More


Call us at 754-231-3703 In our continuing efforts to offer the highest quality veterinary medicine, we are pleased to provide a wide range... More

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