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Our Departments

Anesthesiology Department

Pet owners are often very anxious about veterinary procedures that involve anesthesia. This handout attempts to alleviate some of these... More

Dentistry Department

What does the Veterinary Dental Specialist do? Board certified veterinary dental specialists are trained to evaluate genetic as well as... More

Diagnostic Imaging at VCA MECA

Diagnostic Imaging Department

What Is A Veterinary Radiologist? A board certified specialist in veterinary radiology is a licensed veterinarian who has obtained... More

Emergency Critical Care Department

What is Critical Care and How is it Different from Emergency Care? Critical care = Intensive care VCA MECA specializes in the care of... More

Exotic Animal Medicine Department

What is Avian and Exotic Pet Medicine? A growing number of people are caring for small animals that would be considered by many to be... More

Surgery Department

The goal of our surgeons, registered veterinary technicians and our highly skilled support staff is to provide comfort and pain free... More

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