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Amy Haraway, Emergency Veterinarian


Emergency/Critical Care

Dr. Haraway started emergency medicine the very first year of veterinary school under the mentorship of Dr. Matthew Beal, who instilled in her a life-long love of ER and critical care. She graduated a few months late and missed the match so she worked at a 24-hour ER/day practice for less than a year, just outside of Seattle. She moved to Portland in 2005, completed a one-year internship at DLEAH, did relief for six months at DLEAH and NWVS, then signed on full-time for the last ten years at NWVS.

Dr. Haraway’s special interests include emergency procedures/stabilization (e.g. trauma, sepsis, GDV, UO, hyperthermia, pleural/pericardial space disease), emergency presentation of endocrine diseases, toxicities, and wound care.

Dr. Haraway is an at-work extrovert who enjoys (almost) every shift at work BUT who, upon exiting the building, returns to her normal state of introversion and hides at home for at least 24 hours recovery time with her all black furry family of two cats (Ozzie and Bennie, 14yo siblings from my first feline foster litter in veterinary school) and one-year-old doofy black lab cross (first foster/relinquishment fail from work). My outside of work interests include reading, cuisine (also known as eating - both at restaurants and cooking at home), live music, non-life-threatening activities in the lovely Pacific Northwest (casual hiking, flat-water kayaking, not sheer-rock climbing or wet-suit-required surfing), movies of many kinds, and travel.

Amy Haraway

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