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House Calls

House Call Services are Now Available at VCA Oak Hills Animal Hospital

VCA Oak Hills Animal Hospital offers House Call Services that will allow you to enjoy the benefit of reducing your pet's stress level (and yours too!).

Our hospital's House Call Services are available to cats and dogs and include:

  • A comprehensive pet examination performed by Dr. Jena Schulze who is assisted by a VCA Oak Hills staff member
  • Flexible scheduling available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays
  • Typical visits that our House Call Services include are routine pet check-ups, sick pet examinations, pet vaccinations, sample collection for laboratory testing (to help avoid stress-induced test abnormalities), and at home euthanasia should that time come.

Scheduling your House Call Services appointment is easy. Just call VCA Oak Hills Animal Hospital at (210) 342-9518 and our Client Care specialist will make all the arrangements. Please note that we we do ask for 24-hour notice and a deposit when making your appointment for House Call Services.