Brad Phillips, Medical Director

Dr. Phillips has had a life long love of animals. He knew he wanted to attend veterinary school since starting as a veterinary technician at the age of seventeen. A native of Georgia and the son of a Georgia cheerleader, it was destined that he go to school at the University of Georgia.
His hobbies include aviation and competitive shooting.

"I enjoy my job as a Veterinarian at VCA because, of course, I love animals. Just ask any one of my 12 pets! Atlas, Alexis Alfie, Anna Ruby, and Astro are all dogs. Mystery, Romeo, Mr. Tips Reagan, Bella, Rudolph & Noel are all cats. I found my way to VCA through a journey of 4 jobs since graduation UGA's College of Veterinary Medicine in 2004. VCA has been the most rewarding job so far with all they offer their employees to help animals live healthier and happier lives. The training they provide is superior to other Veterinary Hospitals and I was even fortunate enough to win a scholarship to get advanced radiology training in ultrasound in 2011. The challenge of being a Veterinarian and not being able to ask your patient what is wrong or what hurts makes each day a brand new adventure. Using problem solving skills and science to help pets and thereby help people with pets keeps me happy at VCA. My life is dedicated to always being an advocate for the animals and VCA helps me achieve that goal."

Brad Phillips
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