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Why you'll love VCA CareClub®

VCA CareClub® is an affordable, long-term wellness plan to protect your
pet's health and help prevent illness and disease, no matter their age.

By offering you greater peace of mind, VCA CareClub® allows you to
focus on what really matters in your pet's life: their happiness.
Membership Includes

VCA Care Club Membership Payment Icon Convenient monthly payments.    VCA Care Club Membership Prevention Icon Prevention and early detection tests of serious diseases.
VCA Care Club Membership Visits Icon 5 visits to your VCA® hospital each year.    VCA Care Club Membership Dental Care Icon Rountine dental care for your pet.*
VCA Care Club Membership Vaccine Icon Doctor-recommended vaccines.    VCA Care Club Membership Peace of Mind Icon Peace of mind knowing you are doing the best for your pet.
*Only available with Adult Paws+ and Senior Paws+ Plans

Early Detection and Prevention are the Best Medicine

Many signs of illness are invisible, and are even harder to spot because our cats can't tell us how they feel. Regular checkups, in conjunction with diagnostic testing, are proven as the best way to catch diseases early and keep treatment costs lower. Establishing your pet's unique health baseline is vital to ensuing their best health long term.

Not Only the Best Medicine,
Prevention Saves You Money:

  Cost to Prevent Cost to Treat
 Internal Parasites VCA Care Club One Dollar Icon VCA Care Club Five Dollar Icons
 Dental Disease VCA Care Club One Dollar Icon VCA Care Club Three Dollar Icons
 External Parasites VCA Care Club One Dollar Icon VCA Care Club Two Dollar Icons
 Infectious Disease VCA Care Club One Dollar Icon VCA Care Club Eight Dollar Icons

VCA CareClub® is available at participating hospitals. Please contact us to sign up for VCA CareClub® and for more program details.

*VCA CareClub® Wellness Plans are preventive pet healthcare plans and are not insurance plans. VCA VCA CareClub® Wellness Plans do not cover any services which are not specifically identified in the VCA CareClub® Wellness Plan purchased. © 2017 VCA Inc., VCA CareClub is a registered trademark of VCA Inc.
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