Laparoscopic Spays

A laparoscopic spay (also known as a lap spay) is a less traumatic spay surgery that we offer for female dogs over 35 pounds. Instead of one large incision, the doctor makes two very small incisions. A camera is passed into one incision and a small instrument into the other. The ovaries are removed through one of the small incisions and the uterus is left instead of having to be removed. The doctor gets a magnified and illuminated view of her organs, so there is much better visualization than with a traditional spay surgery. There are no internal sutures, no tearing of ligaments and a lessened risk of infection and bleeding. Dogs that have a laparoscopic spay have less pain and a quicker recovery. For larger breed, deep chested dogs, a gastropexy can be performed at the same time as the lap spay to prevent life-threatening gastric torsion (bloat).

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