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You can exercise your cat, too!

  exercise your cat

Cats have the unfortunate reputation of being naturally sedentary. This is not the case! Cats are active hunters who evolved to spend many hours of their day stalking and hunting—behaviors they don’t get to express much in our homes. 

So give your cat the opportunity to unleash their inner hunter! Increasing activity and exercise time will not only be fun for your cat, it will keep them trim, improve muscle tone and joint health, and prevent diseases such as diabetes.

Here are some ideas to get your cat to be more active:

  • Use toys to recreate hunting behaviors. Laser pointers, feather wands, mouse-shaped toys, even a crinkled piece of paper—the possibilities are endless! With so many options, you are bound to find a toy that will get your cat pouncing.
  • Create an agility course for your cat. Transform various household items into a small obstacle course, then lure your cat over, under and through with a favorite toy or treat. 
  • Purchase a cat tree to promote climbing. Cats love to stalk from a high vantage point, so be sure to put the tree somewhere with lots going on to watch.
  • Let your cat explore the outdoors on a leash. Your cat may spend more time smelling, listening and watching than truly walking, but going outdoors on a leash will still encourage some physical activity and burn calories.
  • Make mealtimes more active. Change the location of the food bowl every day to get your cat “hunting” for their meal, or get your cat to work for their food with an interactive puzzle feeder.
  • Teach your cat some new tricks. Yes, cats can learn tricks! Choose an active trick like fetch to get your cat up and moving.
  • Play together! Games such as chase or hide and seek are a great way to exercise your cat while getting in quality bonding time.

Cats can have quite individual preferences, so try several options to find the one that your cat loves best, and get ready to capture some adorable cat videos!


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