What do our pets think of their costumes?


We love to share our lives with our pets and include them in all our fun activities—Halloween is no exception! So it’s no surprise that many of us want our four-legged friends to join our Halloween festivities by getting in costume. After all, there are some really darn cute pet costumes out there—some that can even match our own!

But how do our pets feel about playing dress up?

Although our pets usually love to take part in all that we do, this is one holiday tradition that they may want to forgo. For our companions who spend their days in not much more than a collar, there are several reasons why costumes may range anywhere from uncomfortable to downright scary. 

Costumes that are too tight can get in the way of movement and breathing, and costumes that are too loose create a constant tripping hazard or may get caught on external objects. Masks and other headgear can obstruct vision, hearing, smell, meowing or barking. Additionally, hovering accessories like halos or wings can be repeatedly startling.

Even worse, rambunctious, anxious or just plain curious pets may try to chew costumes, especially dangling or easily-reached parts, which can lead to obstructions if swallowed.    

Skip the possible scare and keep your companion comfy by nixing the pet costume this Halloween. Instead, opt for a festive collar, harness or bandana.

Still feel the need to make your pet a bigger part of the Halloween fun? 

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