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Your pet’s must-have gear for a fun and comfy season isn’t clothes or toys.
It’s their parasite prevention.

Find everything you need—from expert articles and videos to products—to make sure your pet is always geared up for a good time, no bugs allowed.

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Keep Your Cat—and Your Home—Bug-Free!

Prevent unwanted hitchhikers with these top parasite preventives

Helpful How-To's

How to apply flea and heartworm medication to your cat

Regularly applying flea and heartworm protection is essential to your cat’s health and happiness. This short video shows you simple tips and techniques that make it easy and quick to apply.

How to apply flea and tick protection to your dog

In under 90 seconds, this short video will show you just how easy it is to properly apply topical flea and tick medication.

Tick Prevention for Dogs: How to Protect Your Dog From Ticks

Ticks are dangerous—for your dog and family.

Your cat’s stool sample: Here’s the scoop

Simple tips and guidelines on how to make this crucial task easy and quick.