Hani Battah, Associate Veterinarian

Dr. Battah claims that VCASmoketown Animal Hospital is one of the busiest and most progressive practices he knows. This is remarkable because he has been involved with veterinary medicine not only in the U.S., but in New Zealand and Iraq as well. He has been with VCA Smoketown Animal Hospital since 2004.

Interested in becoming board-certified in veterinary dentistry, Dr. Battah likens a pets teeth to a humans hands. "Pets do everything with their mouths that we do with our hands," he says. "So a pet without teeth is like a human without hands." This makes it important to preserve existing teeth rather than extracting them.

When not at work, Dr. Battah enjoys time with his wife, daughter, and his cat named "Katie." Athletically he plans on tackling two triathlons per year besides his involvement with soccer, weight training, martial arts and cycling.

Hani Battah
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