John Hall, Associate Veterinarian

Dr. Hall joined Smoketown Veterinary Hospital right out of veterinary school in 1980. He has been here ever since and especially enjoys the diversity of the practice. Noting the numerous doctors on staff, he sees this as an opportunity for each to develop a variety of special interests. Dr. Hall has several special interests himself, most of which were the result of owning several lovebirds, guinea pigs, and rats. He enjoys working with pet birds and pocket pets in addition to dogs and cats. Because behavior issues are a significant problem with birds, Dr. Hall has expanded his education to include behavior issues as well.

Dr. Hall owns a Border Collie mix, named Gus and a purebred Blue Somali, named Phantom. In addition, he has rescued several stray cats which now enjoy the luxuries of indoor living.

His aviary includes the following species: macaws, cockatoos, a Nanday conure, Pionus parrots, African greys, Eclectus parrots, a Toco toucan, a yellow-naped Amazon, a black-headed caique, an African ringneck, a violet-necked lory, budgies, lovebirds, cockatiels, finches, canaries, and pigeons.

Dr. Hall is a veterinarian for the Operation Scarlet Shar-Pei Rescue. He also enjoys traveling, gardening, and gourmet cooking.

John Hall
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