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How to apply flea and heartworm medication to your cat

Regularly applying flea and heartworm protection is essential to your cat’s health and happiness. This short video shows you simple tips and techniques that make it easy and quick to apply.

Your cat’s stool sample: Here’s the scoop

Simple tips and guidelines on how to make this crucial task easy and quick.

Tips for changing your cat’s diet

The dietary needs of cats can change as they grow. Watch how to ensure a simple switch that is safe and successful.

The easy way to switch your dog’s diet

Everything you need to know to make your switch a success.

Brushing your cat’s teeth—the easy way

This short video takes you through the simple and easy steps that will get you and your cat used to the process.

Brushing your dog’s teeth made easy

This 90-second video coaches you step-by-step through the process. In just a few short weeks, you and your furry friend will have it mastered.