VCA Shelter Partnerships


A Dedicated Partnership

At VCA Animal Hospitals, we have dedicated staff and resources available to make meaningful contributions to the animal welfare community and the countless number of pets who are in need of good homes. VCA is fortunate to partner with over 150 outstanding animal shelter and rescue organizations across the country to provide medical, marketing and fundraising support. For over two decades, VCA has been committed to helping animal welfare organizations lessen return to shelters, end pet homelessness and encourage pet adoption nationwide.

Partner With Us
All pets deserve love and attention and so do the people who care for them. VCA Animal Hospitals work with animal welfare organizations to provide pre- and post- adoption veterinary services,  employee and volunteer benefits aligned with our quality medicine. VCA's goal is to bridge local shelters, pet adopters and our animal hospitals together through active local community outreach and fundraising.
Medical Benefits
To provide peace of mind to all new pet adopters, every pet adopted from a VCA animal welfare partner is eligible for a free initial health exam and qualifies for a health guarantee that covers common minor illnesses. Pet adopters are educated by our medical experts and hospital team members on how best to keep their pet healthy and happy in their lifetime.
Community Support
VCA helps support animal welfare efforts in your community by encouraging pet adoption through print, digital and local event collaboration. Animal welfare partners receive VCA welcome home folders at no cost that offer a complimentary exam and health guarantee to their adopters. Our hospitals work with local animal welfare groups and the community to encourage adoption, responsible pet ownership and the importance of veterinary care.
VCA Network
VCA believes in long-term relationships that are founded on loyalty, communication and quality. Animal welfare organizations, new pet adopters and clients trust VCA because of our truly devoted staff. With over 850 hospitals, 5,000 veterinarians and 400 board-specialists, VCA is committed to our animal welfare program and pet adoption nationwide. Let’s work together for the love of pets! Find your local VCA
If you are looking to adopt a new pet, visit one of VCA’s animal welfare partners here.

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