Multimodal Analgesia

Multimodal analgesia (pain relief) is simultaneous administration of 2 or more analgesic drugs (pain medications) affecting different parts of the pain pathway, simultaneously.

Multimodal analgesia is of great value as it allows us to treat pain more effectively as different drugs may have additive or synergistic analgesic effects when administered together. The additive/synergistic effect also allows us to use lower doses of each drug and, as a result, adverse side effects can be diminished.

Different routes of drug administration also play a role in multimodal analgesia. Routes often used in our hospital include systemic administration (intravenous, intramuscular, or oral), epidural administration (drug is directly administered around the spinal cord where the “pain” nerves originate from), and regional administration (giving medication at the site of the injury or to the nerves that go to that site).

Other modalities in veterinary medicine can also contribute to the multimodal analgesia. These can include physical rehabilitation, massage, laser therapy, and acupuncture.

When their pain is better controlled, patients tend to recover quicker and go back to their normal routine faster!


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