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Tom Day

Dr. Day
Veterinary Specialist
Emergency & Critical Care
Dr. Day

At a Glance

Practicing Since:


Board Certified:

Emergency & Critical Care

My Pets:

Tali - 12 year old Cairn Terrier
Henry - 6 year old American Bulldog
Wally - 3 year old Pitty
Sisi - 12 year old cat
Victor  - <1 year old cat
In The Field Since:

BS in Agriculture at Ohio State University, 1983
DVM at Ohio State University, 1988
Master of Science in Veterinary Clinical Sciences at Ohio State University , 1992

Dr. Day is board certified in the American College of Veterinary Anesthesia and Analgesia (1993) and the American College of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care (1998). Dr. Day founded Louisville Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Services (LVSES) in 1998 and served as owner until moving to the Madison area to join VES/VSC. He is a mentor for an ACVECC residency training program at VES/VSC and his clinical focus includes not only emergency and critical care medicine, but also clinical anesthesia. Dr. Day's professional interests include total injectable anesthesia for challenging emergency surgical patients, any and all therapy in the traumatized patient, postoperative critical care and fluid therapy, ultrasound and fluid balance for the critically injured and ill dog and cat. Intensive, hands-on monitoring in the ICU will always be his primary clinical focus. The emergency and critical care residency training program at VES/VSC is the only private practice residency on the area.

Dr. Day is married to the wonderfully talented and exceptional person Lara K. Day, DVM, CVA, CCRP, CVCH who has a mobile practice that concentrates on Chinese medicine (acupuncture and herbal therapy) and canine and feline physical rehabilitation. Tom and Lara have two beautiful children, Keanna and Mila. The whole family is enjoying the active lifestyle of the Madison area. Dr. Tom Day is an avid runner and also plays in the men's senior baseball league. He is also a soccer coach for both daughters.

Papers Authored
Books & Papers
Dr. Day has published over 20 scientific articles, 15 book chapters and authored 2 books.
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Emergency & Critical Care

Whether a patient is admitted for hospitalization through our emergency room or is receiving care through one of our specialty departments, our critical care staff is available to evaluate the care plan for patients facing serious conditions. Led by two board-certified criticalists, Dr. Tom Day and Dr. Josh Smith, our critical care staff works out of our emergency room and is often employed for high risk procedures. They help to provide the highest level of care available to our critically injured or ill patients. In addition to emergency and critical care, Dr. Tom Day is also board-certified in anesthesia and analgesia.

What constitutes an "Emergency"?

In any situation or case that occurs when your regular veterinarian is unable to see you. This could be a result of your clinic being closed, lack of an open appointment, or due to the severity and complicated nature of the medical issues of your pet.


If your pet has been involved in a life threatening accident such as:

  • Hit by a car
  • Long distance fall
  • Massive Bleeding from a wound

If your pet is experiencing a sudden illness such as:
  • Collapse
  • Seizure
  • Poison ingestion
  • Respiratory distress

If your regular veterinarian has already treated you during the day but now it is the middle of the night and the situation has gotten worse.
  • Surgical complications
  • Vaccine reactions
  • Wound care

How do you get an appointment?

Regular veterinarians refer most of our patients to Veterinary Emergency Service & Veterinary Specialty Center. However, you do not need a "referral" to schedule an appointment or bring your pet to VES/VSC.

To better serve you, we ask that you call us in advance. This allows our staff to prepare for your pet's specific medical issues. However, we realize that sometimes there is not time to call. In these cases we welcome walk-ins. Both our Middleton & Madison locations are fully staffed 24/7 and equipped to treat all of your pet's initial needs and to monitor their condition throughout the night. Our Janesville location is available weeknights and 24/7 over the weekend.

Special Note: If there has been toxin ingestion, please bring the product and its container with you to our clinic. We will also need to know how long it's been since ingestion.

What happens when I get there?

You will be greeted by a staff member who will verify your information and will perform an initial assessment to determine whether or not your pet is stable. Patients are treated in order of severity, and pets determined to be in stable condition may remain with their owner until a veterinarian is available. Patients who need urgent care will be moved immediately to the treatment area for further evaluation and care. To allow maximum safety and efficiency in providing care to critically ill or injured pets, the treatment area is restricted to employees only. During this time a trained member of our triage staff will meet with you to obtain your pet's history. Your pet will then be examined by one of our emergency room veterinarians or a critical care specialists depending on their condition. Based on that examination, our veterinarian will propose a treatment plan and will provide you with an estimated cost of care.

Our Emergency & Critical Care Team

Staff Veterinarian
Staff Veterinarian
Staff Veterinarian
Staff Veterinarian
Staff Veterinarian
Staff Veterinarian
Staff Veterinarian
Staff Veterinarian
Staff Veterinarian
Staff Veterinarian
Staff Veterinarian
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Staff Veterinarian
Staff Veterinarian, ER Director
VCA Veterinary Emergency Service & Veterinary Specialty Center

4902 East Broadway

Madison, WI 53716

Main: 608-222-2455

Fax: 608-467-6014

Hospital Hours:

    Mon-Sun: 8:00 am - 10:00 pm

Specialty Services Hours:

Our Specialty Services Hours are 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday - Wednesday

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