Our Middleton Veterinary Services

VCA Veterinary Emergency Service and Veterinary Specialty Center have complete and immediate imaging available for our clients via digital x-ray, computed tomography (CT scan), ultrasound, and endoscopy. We also offer an extensive in house pharmacy and lab with all the latest drugs and tests to meet our patients' needs.

Our service doesn't stop at the big ticket items mentioned above. We are also equipped with the following smaller items which provide the supportive care needed to sustain a pets life or assist in a pet's recovery.

Items available to help your pet include:

  • Ventilator
  • Oxygen concentrator and oxygen therapy
  • Isolette
  • Isolation ward
  • Bair hugger
  • Crash cart

Special monitoring equipment available include:

  • Doppler blood pressure unit
  • ECG monitor
  • Pulse oximetry monitor
  • Thoracic pack with suction
  • Syringe pumps and infusion pumps

If your pet requires the services of a veterinary medical specialist, we can help as we offer a variety of specialty services. Our advanced care resources are second to none. Our hospital is ready to help when your pet needs us.

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