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Amber Lee, Veterinary Specialist

BVSc, DABVP (Avian Practice)

Dr. Amber Lee comes to us from the Mornington Peninsula in Australia, a region known for its beaches and wineries. Her love of birds and exotic pets stems from the early days of childhood. She completed veterinary school in Melbourne and worked in general practice back on the Peninsula after graduation. In pursuit of further training, Dr. Lee moved to Indianapolis to complete a small animal internship at VCA Advanced Veterinary Care Center.

With the life-long goal of becoming an avian specialist, Dr. Lee obtained a residency position with the renowned Dr. Angela Lennox at the Avian and Exotic Animal Clinic of Indianapolis. Here, she learned flank approaches for rodent ovariectomy, gained experience with teaching many students, interns, and visiting veterinarians, and helped develop protocols for sedation and local anesthesia of birds.

In 2017, Dr. Lee passed her avian boards to achieve that life-long goal. In addition to becoming an avian specialist, she is our Head of Exotics Medicine and is a Certified Fear Free™ Professional. She leads exotics rounds monthly, consults on cases with our other exotics doctors, and mentors our technicians. You'll find her many "how-to" articles written for both pet owners and other veterinarians on Facebook (DrAmberLee), on Instagram (Dr_Amber_Lee), and on Twitter (DrAmberLee).  

Dr. Lee's special interests include avian reproductive disease, which lead to her co-authoring a textbook chapter on cloacal prolapse in birds. After completing her residency, Dr. Lee joined the team at VCA South Shore as Head of Avian and Exotic Animal Medicine in 2015. She moved on to VCA Wakefield in 2017. Dr. Lee is very comfortable with all aspects of surgery in avian and exotic animals.
Amber Lee

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