We are committed to caring for your pet – while maintaining the highest level of safety for our Associates and pet owners. We thank you for your continued patience and support. 
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Your Community Partners

Caring for pets means meeting a wide range of needs beyond health care. Fortunately, there’s a whole community of organizations and businesses eager to help.

Here’s where to meet the local groups that we recommend to our pet-loving families.

Monadnock Humane Society

Monadnock Humane Society

The mission of Monadnock Humane Society is to strengthen the animal-human bond by promoting and providing for the well-being of animals.

The vision of Monadnock Humane Society is to be a compassionate community for animals and their companions.

The Monadnock Humane Society's brand promise is to honor and respect the mutually beneficial relationship between people and pets.

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Montachusett Regional Vocational Technical School - "Monty Tech"

Montachusett Regional Vocational Technical School, located in the gateway city of Fitchburg, MA, is an independent regional vocational-technical school, serving more than 1,400 students from eighteen cities and towns, making Monty Tech the 2nd largest regional school district in the state.

Unlike traditional public high schools, students attending Monty Tech are enrolled in a rigorous academic program of studies and have also selected a vocational program that balances their high school experience. With twenty-one different programs, their students are challenged everyday to apply what they have learned in both their academic and vocational courses to real-life, real-world work scenarios, effectively preparing their graduates for both college and career pathways.

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Sterling Animal Shelter

Sterling Animal Shelter

The Animal Shelter Inc. of Sterling, MA is a non-profit organization (formed in 1988) with no time or age restrictions. The shelter exists to provide humane sheltering and high quality medical care for stray, unwanted and abandoned pets looking for homes.

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Windham County Humane Society

The Windham County Humane Society (WCHS) is a nonprofit organization, enhancing the relationship between individuals and pets through adoption, education, advocacy, compassion and promotion of animal welfare. The shelter has been in operation for over 130 years.

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Windham County Humane Society

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