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Hotel Policies


  • Boarding reservations are recommended in advance. We want to ensure you receive the room of your choice. We understand that things do happen at short notice, but please try to call ahead as best as you can. 
  • Holiday reservations do require deposits and we ask that you make these reservations as far in advance as you can. 
  • Vaccines: There are a list of requirements for hotel services. If you are bringing in records from your own vet, we ask that they are emailed or faxed to us at least 72 hours prior to your reservation. If vaccines are due and you are updating them with us, we highly suggest making an appointment with our hospital ahead of time to make your check in process much faster. 
  • A 50% deposit is required upon drop off for new clients. 


Drop Off Times 

  • If you wish for your pet to see a doctor or receive any medical services for their boarding stay, we ask that you drop them off between 7am-12pm.  
  • If your pet is up to date on vaccines per our requirements, drop off is between 7am-3pm. 


Pick Up Times 

  • Monday-Friday: Pickups are from 12pm-6pm. Early pickup is available upon request as long as a bath is not desired. 
  • Saturday: Pickups are from 12pm-5pm. Early pickup is available upon request as long as a bath is not desired. 
  • Sunday: Pickups are from 2pm-5pm.  
  • If you wish for your pet to receive a groom or bath (highly suggested) upon pick up, you must schedule this at the time of your reservation.  
  • We do not do grooming appointments on Sundays. 


Personal Items 

  • We do not accept any items from home except for food and medications. Bedding and bowls are provided here. Toys are a choking hazard and we do not give our guests toys in their rooms.  
  • Food: Your pet’s food must be individually bagged in Ziploc bags per feeding. Wet food can be left in the cans. Treats may be provided but we do not accept raw hide. If your pet is on a raw food diet, please discuss further with a guest service representative. 
  • Medications: Any medication must be brought in their original containers. 


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