Why VCA?

VCA is committed to continuously improving the standard of care for our hospitals and for veterinary medicine as a whole. We do it through our flagship Advanced Veterinary Care Centers, our National Medical Board and Chief Medical Officer, and through the compassionate, high-quality primary care we provide at our nationwide family of over 750 hospitals.

Why VCA?

VCA has 65 Specialty Hospitals with over 525+ Board Certified Specialists who provide services in oncology, dentistry, surgery, orthopedics, diagnostic imaging, stem cell therapy and more. VCA Specialty Hospitals attract some of the nation's most talented veterinarians and serve as a primary training ground for the industry's next generation of veterinary specialists. Our board certified specialists also provide training and resources that are open to every veterinarian in their communities, whether they work for VCA or not.

Why VCA?

Together, the entire VCA Family -- from the front desks of our hospitals to our highly-trained specialists -- works with one goal in mind: to improve veterinary medicine for every pet. Especially yours.

We Care

It’s Just What We Do.

At VCA, your pet’s health is our top priority, and excellent service to you is our goal. We’re a team of highly trained individuals dedicated to the health and well-being of your pets. Our technicians and support team members are all animal lovers who treat pets with the compassion and respect that they deserve.

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An Integrated Approach to Quality

National Medical Board and Chief Medical Officer review every innovation in veterinary medicine. New procedure and products that pass review become a part of VCA's best practices for our entire family of hospitals.

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Local Doctors, World-Class Care

VCA has over 750 neighborhood hospitals and over 4,700 Primary Care Veterinarians. To stay on top of the latest advances, every VCA Veterinarian completes 30 hours of continuing education a year--more than twice the industry standard.

Team Work Makes the Dream Work

If one of our Primary Care Veterinarians needs help on a difficult case, our Advanced Veterinary Care Centers and board-certified specialists are always available.

Our doctors don't do it alone. Just visit a VCA hospital and you'll see it for yourself. Every VCA employee loves animals. We all work hard to make sure that our love of animals translates into compassionate care and respect for our patients.

VCA CareClub. Take the best care of your pet.

Wellness Plans for Your Pet at Every Life Stage

VCA CareClub® is the pet healthcare solution for pet owners who want a comprehensive and affordable way to keep their dogs and cats as healthy and happy as possible through every stage of their lives.  Join the Club today to experience the value of having your pet on the path to ideal wellness, and to enjoy access to your healthcare team all year-round.

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Staying at the Forefront of Veterinary Care

VCA Clinical Studies is dedicated to discovery and advancing veterinary medicine for longer, healthier lives of pets and people. Veterinary clinical studies allow VCA hospitals to stay at the forefront of veterinary care for your pet and give quality care to improve the lives of pets and understand disease, treatment outcomes, and quality of life.

VCA is proud to offer these other medical treatment and procedure options for pets who need them and for future generations of pets.

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