Grooming Your Pet with Us Features:

  • Spa Bath

  • Professional Grooming Staff

  • Specialty Cuts

  • Safe and Soothing Hand Dry

Do You Know How Important it is to Groom Your Pet?

Imagine never clipping your nails or brushing your hair or brushing your teeth. Pet grooming isn't just about looking good--it's about staying healthy! Oral health in pets is often overlooked and bad breath can be tamed with regular brushing. When it comes to their coat, brushing, washing and sometimes even clipping your pet's fur allows dead skin to slough away leaving them with less to itch about. Regular professional grooming can also help you spot potential health problems early, before they become more serious. Our professional groomers are trained to notice even subtle problems, and with early detection, treatment can be easier and less costly.
A day at our salon includes:

— Spa baths
— Loving care from our professional grooming staff
— Specialty cuts
— Safe and soothing hand drying

Pricing varies based on size of pet, condition and length of coat, choice of hair cut (if any), and temperament of pet.

Grooming services are available by appointment. To schedule an appointment, simply call (760) 433-3763.

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