Their Home Away from Home Features:

  • Clean & Comfortable Bedding

  • Continuous Fresh Water

  • Viewable by Webcam

  • Fully Air Conditioned

  • Indoor Play Area

At VCA PetPoint Resort, Your Pets Are Part of the Family.

Looking for true peace of mind and a happy, safe, entertaining atmosphere for your pet while you’re away? With delightful and spacious private rooms for our guests, it’s no wonder why “joy happens” here. Our private rooms have an abundance of natural daylight, cozy elevated beds, air conditioning, calming colors, and relaxing music - a perfect mixture of comfort and tranquil ambiance. The secluded location in the city center with lots of grass at our building is highly enjoyed by our guests on their multiple daily walks.

Being conjoined with our Medical Center, you can relax knowing that upon arrival your pet will immediately be under the direct and continuous supervision of our veterinary team. Be assured that should any health issue arise, it will be immediately addressed, and you will be kept current while you’re away.

Pack play in our indoor daycare park is included for well socialized pets and individual activities are provided as well. Customize your pet’s stay even more by choosing from all the services available at VCA PetPoint such as Salon, Training, Medical, and Holistic Care.

Our exclusive VIP suites, “The Waves”, are the ultimate in luxury pampering. From  daily massages to individual attention time, this experience will make your pet’s time away from home truly memorable. VIP suites are equipped with live stream online viewing.

Cleanliness is top priority at our Resort and we take pride in having a spotless and odor free environment, achieved with the latest in sophisticated cleaning equipment and most importantly, a staff that is hygiene conscious.


Medical Center & Resort:

For peace of mind while you are away and for the safety and well-being of your pet, the Resort is part of VCA PetPoint’s top-of-the-line Medical Center where our pet care specialists collaborate closely with the veterinarians. Be assured that should any health issue arise, it will be immediately addressed, and you will be kept current while you’re away. 


Location - Location - Location:

Our “pet oasis in the Irvine city center” is conveniently located and easily accessible. Located off Main / Jamboree / the 405, VCA PetPoint is nestled in the heart of the city – away from traffic and close to everything. Our oasis offers plenty of grass all around VCA PetPoint – ideal for your dog’s multiple daily walks.


Quality over Quantity:

We value comfort, safety, and individual attention. Our guests enjoy their stay in a fully air conditioned environment with constantly flowing fresh air. Natural daylight, cozy elevated beds, cushioned flooring in all play areas, and calming music throughout the entire center creates a welcoming atmosphere.


Additional Services:

VCA PetPoint is an all-encompassing service Center for your pet. Choose any of our premier offerings while your companion vacations with us:

• Acute and chronic illness care in our Medical Center. 
• Integrative treatments such as acupuncture, acupressure massage, laser therapy, or herbal remedies.
• Group and individual playtime, extended walks, and relaxation in our Resort.
• Coat styling, spa treatments, or a wellness massage in our Salon.
• Fitness, confidence building, behavioral corrections, and obedience training in our in-house Training Center.


Convenient Resort Hours:

For pick-up and drop-off, VCA PetPoint is open weekdays from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. and weekends from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Shuttle Service:

VCA PetPoint offers a pick-up / drop-off shuttle service for your convenience. The vehicle is spacious and equipped with comfortable and safe travel kennels. Your pet will enjoy the ride and even more the destination.

Shuttle pick-up / drop-off hours at your location are between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. on weekdays. Please call for service regarding weekend hours.

The base fare is $17.50 for roundtrip and $12.50 for a one-way. GPS miles will be added at a rate of $0.75 / mile. Shuttle packages are available upon request.


Species-Specific Boarding Information and Pricing:

Dog boarding information and pricing.

Cat boarding information and pricing.


General Requirements:

VCA PetPoint’s top priority is to keep all our guests safe, healthy, and well entertained. Therefore a few important rules and guidelines apply:

Current vaccinations: Proof of current vaccination for dogs and cats must be provided or re-vaccinations can be done during the initial mandatory pre-boarding exam. Please call us in advance if you are not sure about the vaccination requirement for your pet. See vaccination requirements below.

Dogs: Rabies and DHPP are required every 3 years after the initial 1 year vaccine. Canine Influenza and Leptospirosis vaccines are required annually. An annual Bordetella (kennel cough) vaccine and fecal testing within 6 months are also required.
Cats: Rabies and FVCRP are required every 3 years after the initial 1 year vaccine. We also recommend fecal testing every 6 months.

Screening Exam: Prior to their first time boarding, we would like to get to know your pet and learn about their individual needs. If a pet is not ready for group play, we take them on walks 3 times per day and entertain them with individual play time of their choice.

Flea Free: Pets must be flea free when checking into the Resort. If your pet is found to have fleas, they will be given a flea treatment, at the expense of the owner.

Food: We strongly encourage you to bring the diet your pet is accustomed to. However, if you prefer or forget, we will gladly feed them with our standard Resort food. Additional charges for these diets apply. For the safety of your pets, we provide stainless steel water and food bowls, so please do not bring your own.

Personal Items: At VCA PetPoint, we have everything your pet needs to be well entertained and comfortable including a top quality elevated bed and cozy cushion. For safety reasons, please do not bring large bedding with fillers (e.g. foams).
Medication or Prescription Food: If your pet requires medication or a prescription diet, bring sufficient quantities for the entire length of your pet's stay. Keep all medication in the original bottles with clear instructions and do not put in pre-portioned meals unless it is a powder supplement.


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