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Grooming Your Pet with Us Features:

  • Professional Grooming Staff

  • Available 7 Days a Week

  • Spa Bath

  • Specialty Cuts

  • Fear Free Certified With Low Stress Handling

  • Feline Grooming

Do You Know How Important it is to Groom Your Pet?

In our Salon, it is all about healthy skin and coat care, superior looks, and a positive experience during your pet’s visit.

Understanding and assessing different coat and skin types and their conditions is critical in maintaining a healthy pet. Our stylist collaborates with the veterinarians on your pet's skin health and if issues are identified, will jointly offer you medical and/or holistic treatment options.

Carefully selected premium products and treatment regimens are individually applied to achieve the best possible and lasting results.

Our Salon incorporates the Fear Free philosophy in bathing and styling to minimize anxiety often experienced by pets. Your pet's styling is performed in a spacious, quiet, clean and safe environment.


A Beautiful Coat Roots in a Healthy Skin:

At the VCA PetPoint Salon, we focus on the health of the skin prior to the artistic styling. To select the optimal treatment and cleansing products, the skin is examined for irritations, lumps, sore spots, and parasites by the experienced stylist and if indicated, a veterinarian from VCA PetPoint’s Medical Center.

While additionally considering the coat type and its condition, exfoliating, balanced or medicated nutritious shampoos, and if desired mud treatment, facials, and fizzing paw cleansing remedies are applied to revitalizing the skin and cleanse the coat.

A signature full body deep tissue rejuvenating massage and relaxing aromatherapy that stimulates the blood flow and releases deposits of toxins underneath the skin can be another approach to consider for healthier skin and a better coat. This service is provided at VCA PetPoint by a highly experienced certified massage practitioner.


It’s All About the Looks:

At VCA PetPoint’s Salon, the atmosphere feels like the backstage of the Westminster show in which each and every dog and cat, purebred and mixed breed, is styled artistically to perfection.

A breed standard or mixed breed creative cut, your preferred look, or a fancy surprise performance by the Stylist’s creative imagination – that is your choice.


No Compromise on Products and Treatments:

Only premium natural and eco-friendly shampoos, conditioners, and treatments are applied to protect the skin and preserve its moisture to keep the coat healthy.

VCA PetPoint's Salon is equipped with a Hydrosurge system that fuses products, water, and air and applies it gently to skin and coat through a combing action spray that provides pets with an invigorating massage to keep them calm and relaxed throughout the bathing process.

Natural shampoos generally don’t contain irritating soap, parabens, phosphates, synthetic dyes, perfumes, gluten DEA, enzymes or SLS/SLES. They are typically comprised of oatmeal, aloe vera, coconut-based cleansers, Vitamins, and food-grade extracts as scents (except in hypoallergenic products).

Are conditioners actually necessary you may wonder? Well, while the shampoo removes all the grime from your dog’s skin and coat leaving each hair ‘open’ (where oils can escape and unwanted contaminants might enter), a conditioner repairs damaged hairs, fills in cracks, restores elasticity, prevents oils from leaving the hair and seals it against contaminants.

Many other carefully selected natural and healthy treatments that cleanse, protect and rejuvenate the skin and coat, provide calm and comfort, and promote healing are available at the VCA PetPoint Salon. Such therapies include soothing zen mud baths, blueberry facials, fizzing deep cleansing tablets for the precious paws, and others. Indulge your canine companion regularly for healthy skin and cuddly fur!


Through Coat and Skin into the Deep Tissue:

Just like with people, massaging your dog can relieve pain and stress, calm nerves, enhance the health and nourishment of their skin, and much, much more.

A signature full body deep tissue rejuvenating massage combined with relaxing aromatherapy stimulates the blood flow and releases deposits of toxins underneath the skin, which can be another approach to consider for a healthier skin and better coat. This service is provided at VCA PetPoint by a highly experienced certified massage practitioner.

Massage is advantageous to any age but seniors, dogs with chronic muscular or skeletal illnesses, or those in orthopedic rehab might benefit most.


We Take “Pet” out of Petrified:

Our stylist often thinks outside the box. If a pet shows anxiety, we identify the specific aspects of the Salon experience that makes your dog uncomfortable and look for alternatives. Facial wipes or lightly dampened cloths are used for pets that dislike running water near their faces. Products like Happy Hoodie can help pets who are sensitive to sound. Awarding the pet with treats is an effective tool to deter the attention from the actual bathing and styling process.

In more extreme levels of anxiety, the on-site veterinarian is consulted for the use of appropriate anti-anxiety medication.

Feel free to stop by anytime for a treat loaded Salon “training” visit so that your pet learns to associate the stylists and the Salon environment with good things.


All Furry Pets are Welcome:

While bathing and styling is typically associated with dogs, PetPoint has extensive experience with cats, guinea pigs, and rabbits. Patience, TLC, and many aspects of the Fear-Free philosophy are applied to help your pet overcome their fear and anxiety with the visit to the Salon.


Pricing made easy for all pets:


Dogs (pricing varies by weight)

Vital Bath: Signature or hypoallergenic shampoo and conditioner, 20 min. brushing, pawdicure, ear cleaning and cologne.
Short Hair <30 lbs: $35
Short Hair 30-50 lbs: $50
Short Hair 50-80 lbs: $65 
Short Hair >80 lbs: $75
Long Hair <30 lbs: $45
Long Hair 30-50 lbs: $60
Long Hair 50-80 lbs: $75 
Long Hair >80 lbs: $90

Coat Styling: Vital Bath and any custom or breed specific cuts (*additional charges may apply).
<30 lbs: $70
30-50 lbs: $85
50-80 lbs: $100
>80 lbs: $125

Freshen-up: Vital Bath, face, paws, and sanitary trim, and 20 minutes of brushing.
<30 lbs: $55
30-50 lbs: $70
50-80 lbs: $85
>80 lbs: $95


Spa Treatments

** Skin Therapy: Full body exfoliating mud treatment including 10 min. massage.
<30 lbs: $25
30-50 lbs: $30
50-80 lbs: $40
>80 lbs: $50

** Signature Facial: Rejuvenating blueberry facial, gentle head massage, ear cleaning, and facial trim.
<30 lbs: $14
30-50 lbs: $16
50-80 lbs: $18
>80 lbs: $20

** Coat Pops: Whiten whites and darken darks.
<30 lbs: $15
30-50 lbs: $18
50-80 lbs: $22
>80 lbs: $26

** Coat Armor: Shed-less or medicated treatments for strong shedding or sensitive skin types.
<30 lbs: $15
30-50 lbs: $18
50-80 lbs: $22
>80 lbs: $26

Heavenly Paws: Fizzing natural white tea tree oil and seaweed extract tables to fight germs and improve condition of nails/pads.
<30 lbs: $12
30-50 lbs: $15
50-80 lbs: $18
>80 lbs: $20

Creative Coloring: Vegetable based, non-toxic, semi-permanent dye can be added to your pet’s styling for a unique look.
For pricing, please request a quote from your Stylist.

Pawradise Massage: Full body deep tissue massage with aroma therapy by a certified massage practitioner.
$55 for all sizes

Healing Hands Massage: Includes a Pawradise Massage with acupressure. Great for dogs with arthritis or anxiety.
$72.50 for all sizes

Teeth Brushing: Gentle brushing of the teeth (Cleanings are offered in our medical department).
$15 for all sizes

Anal Glands: Expressed by a Veterinary Technician.
$15 for all sizes



Perfect Coat: 6 visits in 6 months. Add any Spa Treatments for the best outcome.
30% off regular price

Healthy Start: 3 visits for puppies 2 to 6 months of age. Includes Vital Bath/face, paws and sanitary trim/nails.


Vital Bath: Signature or hypoallergenic shampoo, 20 min. brushing, clawdicure and ear cleaning.
Short Hair: $45
Long Hair: $55

Coat Styling: Custom or breed specific styling, including lion cuts.
Shave Down: $40
Lion Cut: $55
Long Hair Cut: $60
Artistic Shave: $65


*Additional charges may apply to any of the salon service for extra dematting or deschedding, excess coat brush-out, or extravagant cuts.
** Only available with a Vital Bath.
***Available with any Salon service
**** Since the Salon is combined with the Medical Center, we do offer sedation for pets with high levels of anxiety. A veterinarian will be involved and the procedure is discussed with you beforehand during a free exam.


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