Our Day Care Features:

  • K9 Turf Grass

  • One-on-One Playtimes

  • Group Playtimes

  • Continuous Fresh Water

  • Feline Day Care

Day Care at VCA Premier is Ideal

Our Day Care keeps your dog or cat well cared for and supervised throughout the day, while engaging them in playful and meaningful activity. We schedule activities that keep most dogs well socialized and exercised.

Our Day Care is carefully supervised. Owners must fill out a questionnaire and show proof of a medical history to ensure that all participating pets are free of contagious disease, free of heartworm disease, current on heartworm preventative and fully vaccinated.

We require the following vaccines for our Day Care patrons:

Required Canine Vaccines: Rabies, Bordetella, K9 flu, and Distemper/Parvo 
Required Feline Vaccines: Rabies and FVRCP (feline distemper) 

Please ask our staff if you have questions about the medical requirements.

Our facilities are sterilized frequently and always look and smell clean. We employ a well-trained staff that has experience with animals.

The relationship with VCA veterinarians assures your pet will be well cared for in the event there is an emergency. We take care to group dogs according to size and temperament for the most fulfilling experience for your dog.

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