VCA Animal Emergency Hospital Southeast Hospital

How To Reach Us

VCA Animal Emergency Hospital Southeast
10331 Gulf Freeway
Houston, TX 77034
Main: 713-941-8460
Fax: 713-941-8523


Business Hours

Mon-Fri: 6:00 pm - 8:00 am
Sat-Sun: Open 24 hours

The team at VCA Animal Emergency Hospital Southeast is dedicated veterinarians, technicians and support personnel specially trained in emergency medicine, and are on staff to care for your pet.

Along with emergency care, we provide support services to assist your veterinarian in providing you with the best in veterinary medicine. Your pet may be referred to VCA Animal Emergency Hospital Southeast for advanced diagnostics, or for critical care. Our staff is committed to keeping you and your doctor informed and involved in the care of your hospitalized pet. We want you to expect the highest level of service and care that your doctor entrusts in us.

Local Medical Issues

Emergency Procedures

1. Remain calm. You are doing your best for your pet by taking steps to help.

2. Call your family veterinarian first. If they are unavailable, call us.

3. Tell us the nature of the problem. We will give you instructions on how to handle your pet while en route, and give you directions to the hospital.

4. Be careful. When injured and scared, even a loving pet may bite. If in doubt, gently place a towel or blanket over the head making sure to provide good air circulation for breathing. This will help settle the animal.


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