Group Classes

Group Classes

The Barkley Academy offers a variety of training levels that focus on building the human-animal bond. 

Basic Dog Obedience & Social Group Class - $295 

Our six week training course is designed for puppies sixteen weeks or older on basic dog obedience. This program is designed for dogs with little to no training and helping them build the foundation for their life. Our expert trainers teach socialization with other dogs, full obedience training on leash, potty training, jumping, barking, digging, and special techniques to calm your dog. 

Advanced Obedience & Behavior Group Class - $525 

Our eight week advanced obedience classes is designed for dogs that have graduated from one of our other programs, such as basic obedience, residency stays or a private lesson program. Group classes use the knowledge and commands previously learned to help your dog and handler work around and through distractions. Each class is focused on the needs of its participants.  

Private Lessons - $195 ($850 for 5) 

Private lessons are designed for puppies and dogs of all ages. We begin with basic obedience instruction to develop the language between you and your dog. We work with you and your family in the comfort of your own home and provide all the homework and training supplies necessary. Each lesson is between 1 and 1.5 hours depending on the attention level of your dog. 


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