Health Concerns

Eye Issues

Eye problems are common among pets. Dust, dirt and even fur can get into your pet’s eyes and cause redness, itching, watering or irritation. However, some eye issues are signs of an infection, injury or other serious condition that requires prompt medical attention.

When to visit VCA Urgent Care

  • You notice yellow, green or red drainage from the eyes
  • Swelling, crusting or hair loss is visible on the eyelids
  • Your pet has very red and swollen conjunctiva (the moist pink tissue under the eyelid and around the eyeball) and whites of the eyes
  • Your pet is squinting or holding their eyes closed
  • Your pet’s eye(s) is suddenly noticeably bulging
  • Your pet has watery eyes with red surrounding skin
  • Your pet’s every are glassy (accompanied by lethargy)
  • Your pet has cloudy eyes
  • You notice a growth/lump on your pet’s eyelid
  • You see a cut, bite or other physical damage to your pet’s eyelid

When to seek emergency care

We recommend visiting an emergency hospital if your pet is experiencing any of the following:

  • Your pet’s eyeball is completely out of the socket
  • There has been severe trauma to the eyeball itself


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