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Orthotic, Prosthetic & Assistive Devices

Our clinic is uniquely prepared to assist you with a high level of care for the benefit of your best friend.

Veterinary orthotic and prosthetic care has dramatically improved over the last decade. More options are available now to help our beloved pets maintain mobility and quality of life, but knowing which will work best for individual pets can be complicated.

We are a proud veterinary practice partner with OrthoPets, a world leader in veterinary orthotics manufacturing. Our unique relationship with OrthoPets Southern Mass allows us to provide individualized orthotic and prosthetic device options for more simple and advanced cases. Through careful planning, measurements, development, implementation, and rehabilitation, successful veterinary orthotic and prosthetic outcomes are common!

Conditions which may benefit from Orthotic Supports/Devices:

  • Orthopedic conditions
  • Neurologic conditions 
  • Arthritis support for severely affected joints
  • Support for joints in front limb amputation patients
  • Chronic wound care involving limbs (a well-planned orthotic device can allow both support for the limb and access for frequent dressing changes for wounds)

Conditions in which Prosthetic Devices can return or preserve function use of a limb:

  •  Congenital limb deformities
  • Traumatic injuries and fractures
  • Cancer treatment options, if the distal or lower limb is involved

Advanced surgical options are becoming available for veterinary patients, including joint replacement and even prosthetic implant surgeries. Surgical options would best be discussed with a Board-certified Veterinary Surgeon and, if elected, should be followed with a rehabilitation care program.

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