CareClub Membership Enrollment Information

  1. I have 30 days to activate my CareClub Wellness Plan by visiting my selected VCA hospitals. If my CareClub Wellness Plan is not activated within 30 days, I will need to enroll in a new CareClub Wellness Plan and my initial CareClub Wellness Plan will not be effective.
  2. The Terms of my CareClub Wellness Plan, including, without limitation, its pricing and services, are subject to change until activated by my selected VCA hospital.
  3. My first monthly payment will not be charged until my CareClub Wellness Plan is activated. I will need to provide a credit card to process my monthly reoccurring payments at my initial visit with my selected VCA hospital.
  4. This is a one-year plan and it will automatically renew for subsequent one-year periods on each anniversary unless I provide notice of non-renewal at least 30-days prior to the anniversary of my CareClub Wellness Plan.