Our shift never ends, so they always feel at home

The Range Pet Lodge is staffed for your pets’ safety, comfort and happiness. We make giving your pet the best quality of life easy by making it a loving home environment. Use one or all of our competitively priced services. Stress-reducing radiant heat, antimicrobial floors throughout, an odor-reducing ventilation system and more set us apart. Stop by for a tour or just to say hello!

This is how we can best imitate your pets' loving environment.

We make it easy for you to give your pets their best quality of life.

Your dog's or cat's safety, comfort, and happiness always come first.

Choose from a full range of pet lifestyle and wellness services.

Their Home Away From Home

The last thing you want is to worry about your pet’s well-being while you are away. We offer peace of mind and ideal boarding conditions for pets, even those with special circumstances that may require extra monitoring or medication. At our facility you can always expect clean and comfortable bedding, attentive and experienced staff, and the highest quality of care.
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Looking and Feeling Their Best

We offer a variety of services designed to keep your pet looking and feeling their best. Grooming is about more than just looks: we consider it a must for good health! Whether this is your puppy’s first cut or your senior dog’s trim, our experienced groomers provide a relaxing, gentle environment for dogs of every size and temperament. Your furry friend deserves the best, and you can expect nothing less from us.
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Play and Socialize All Day

Worried about entertaining your dog while you work or travel? Doggy daycare is the perfect solution! All dogs are carefully supervised as they enjoy the benefits of exercise and socialization. Dogs are grouped according to size and temperament to ensure that every pup has the best possible stay.

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Proven, Positive Training Methods

Obedience training helps to improve your pet’s behavior, keeps him or her safe, and strengthens the human-animal bond. It can also cut down on unsatisfactory behaviors like house soiling, chewing, biting, and barking. Through consistent, positive reinforcement of desirable behaviors, our trainers will teach you and your pet how to listen to and respect one another.

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