Grooming Your Pet with Us Features:

  • Professional Grooming Staff

  • Safe and Soothing Hand Dry

  • Spa Bath

  • Specialty Cuts

Do You Know How Important it is to Groom Your Pet?

Thank you for entrusting us with your pet’s grooming. Our grooming team is deeply committed to your pet’s wellbeing. The safety of your animals is our top priority and we take extra measures to ensure your pet's comfort and security. Some pets have special grooming needs, including matted hair, senior pets, and those pets with more aggressive personalities. The following are considerations for our special grooming needs pets.

Matted Pets

As groomers, we understand that maintaining your pet’s coat at home can be an overwhelming, time consuming task. Over time, your pet’s hair might tangle and eventually form hard balls of hair called mats:

• Matting will cause redness and dry skin under the matted areas. If left untreated, mats can cause severe skin irritation, overheating and eventually mange.
• In most cases, mats can only be removed by shaving the matted areas of your pet’s coat.
• When shaving, groomers must separate and get under the hair close to the skin that had already been irritated. Cuts when shaving are rare but can happen due to the tautness of the matted area and the extra sensitivity of the skin.
• Establishing a regular brushing and combing routine at home can help prevent matting.

Elderly Pets

• Large Breed Dogs: 6 years and older
• Small Breed Dogs: 10 years and older
• Cats: 10 years and older

We take every measure to treat your senior pet with special care and gentleness to make grooming an easy, comfortable experience.

• Bathing, drying, brushing, nail clipping and haircutting all require some movement and standing time. Your senior pet may experience some fatigue, soreness and stiffness, and most likely will want to take a nap after grooming.
• Our facility is equipped with fully hydraulic tables, a non-elevated bathing station, and heatless drying upon request.

Aggressive Pets

We work to calm aggressive pets in the following ways:

• We will walk your pet before, after, and sometimes during their grooming to help release any anxiety your pet may be feeling.
• Extra time is taken to soothe and talk to your pet to develop trust and a comfort level.
• Overly stressed pets will be given frequent rest periods during their grooming.
• In some very extreme cases, sedation will be required for the safety and comfort of your pet.

Ensuring your pet’s health and safety is important to us. Depending on the extent of extra care and time your pet may requires, there may be additional charges.


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