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Doggy Day Care

At VCA AWC, our Doggie Day Guests have plenty of time and space to run and romp, with quiet places available for napping or relaxing with a treat or caregiver. Each guest’s day is designed to meet personal, social and physical needs. Playgroups are chosen on the basis of each pet’s temperament, energy level and physical stature, which are supervised by our highly trained and caring staff. Dogs also have access to a variety of toys, play equipment and games designed to challenge, stimulate and build confidence.

Daycare for dogs has come into its own and for very good reason. Dogs need social interaction and their families have busy lives that frequently take them away from home. We find ourselves coming home tired from a long, hard day to a pet that has just spent the day napping and looking forward to our return.

We are greeted with leaps for joy and a wildly wagging tail. You can see the excitement in their eyes and that look that says,” Come on let’s go run in the dog park!” All we really want to do is collapse on the couch and relax. Now the guilt is starting to build because we know our dog needs our attention and the chance to burn off their pent up energy after a long day home alone.

Daycare is a wonderful solution for both owner and dog. High-quality daycare will provide your pet with mental and physical stimulation and the opportunity for social interaction with other dogs and the human care providers. Dogs that attend daycare learn social skills which will make them more confident and better canine citizens. They are blissfully calm when you return to pick them up having run off all that excess energy while they played.

Do your homework when selecting you best friend’s daycare providers. The staff should be friendly and positive. They need to be well versed in normal and abnormal canine behavior. Make certain the staff has expertise in selecting the right playgroup and activities to meet your dog’s needs. Every dog is unique and you will want to know your daycare providers will tailor their experience to maximize fun and learning. Ask lots of questions about safety. Find out how much of the day guests spend out playing versus confined to a kennel.

How do you know if you’ve chosen a great daycare? Watch your dog’s response of course. Does he look forward to going back? Do you see signs of stress in your pet during drop-off or pickup? Is she comfortable and relaxed with the staff members? My favorite indicator for great daycare is to see the dogs during drop-off in the morning pulling on their leashes to get back inside with their daycare buddies.

Your best friend is worth it. You can choose to attend daily or once a week. Daycare is really a wonderful way to add to your dog’s quality of life and give you peace of mind. At the end of the day you’ll both look forward to relaxing on the couch!

Pick-up and drop off times for Doggie Day Care during the week:
Monday through Friday 7:00a.m. - 6:30.m.
No Doggie Day Care on Saturdays, Sundays, or Holiday

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Doggy Day Care

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tabby cat and dog on bed

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